Department of Science and Humanities was established in the year 2010 to build a scientific and communication base for the young engineers at the undergraduate level. To cater the needs of undergraduate programs, Department has 11 faculty members with Doctoral degree working on diverse areas of Chemistry, English, Physics and Mathematics.

Department of Chemistry trains the undergraduate students to strengthen their knowledge in basic sciences which will helpful to improve their technological career. The department has qualified and well experienced staff members, excellent academic environment and well-developed lab facilities. The chemistry lab is well equipped with instruments such as spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductivity meter and potentiometer to carry out regular academic work and as well as to encourage the research activities.

Department of English most primarily work on the development of communication Skills as well as the grammatical foundation among the undergraduate students to eradicate the fear of facing their interviews and motivate them to come out of flying colours. In addition, the department has a communication skills laboratory well-equipped with computers to meet the needs of the students.

Department of Physics is established to impart a thorough knowledge in basic fundamental principles of several branches of physics and then applications in technological world. Physics functions a reference line for all the engineering courses. To encounter the needs of Anna university laboratory syllabus, the department has a well-equipped laboratory which can accommodate sixty students at a time.

Department of Mathematics works on to develop the basic and essential foundation in mathematics and its application towards Engineering, to provide computational and analytical skills to meet the needs of the current technical scenario and to incorporate Mathematical concepts with emerging technologies worldwide at an undergraduate level. The faculty members of the Department are actively involved in research activities on their respective area of interest.